Wedding in your own garden in Stuttgart – Maria und Sebastian

Maria and Sebastian had gotten married legally (at the Standesamt) already 7 years ago. They always wanted to go for that big white church wedding – but it never seemed like the right time or like they had enough time to plan such a wedding.

So the years went by and they were still dreaming about their church wedding but didn’t get around to do it. 2016 turned out to be different. With several strokes of fate they realized that there would ALWAYS be some reason big enough to keep them from planning their wedding and that within a moment their lives could change forever. With this in mind, Maria asked Sebastian if he would be willing to marry her this year still. And he said YES! So they planned their church wedding within their own home, in their garden with a beautiful tent and a gospel choir.

Maria had put a lot of thought and work into the decorations and so the tent and everything around it looked simply stunning!

The whole day was so perfect! With only 29 guests the strong bonds between the couple and each of the guests was easily visible which gave the wedding a very special vibe!