Wedding in Basel from Yannic and Miriam

When I met Yannic and Miriam for the first time I immediately fell in love with them.
They are such warm-hearted, loving people and we had a blast at our first meeting at Starbucks.
They are both very good-looking and when they told me their story, my heart melt.
They had started to plan their wedding for 2015, but Yannic was not feeling very well. Always tired and exhausted he went to the doctor. When they checked his thyroid they found out that he had cancer which needed to be treated immediately.
Needless to say that they had to postpone their wedding with all the doctors appointments and treatments.
And now they were not only able to celebrate a stunning wedding but also that Yannic is cancer-free!
They celebrated at the Landhotel Krone in Heitersheim and that location is just too beautiful! An old barn that has been turned into an amazing place for weddings and other parties! With it´s white walls reflecting the light it is the perfect loctaion for stunningly lit photography!
And the decoration was so pretty! Give me pompoms and fairy lights and I won´t be able to stop taking pictures!
It was an honor to be part of Yannic and Miriams wedding day and I really enjoyed their company and their guests! So many interesting and funny and outgoing people! It truly was a great day!