Vintage-Wedding on Castle Staufenberg – Lisa und Nils

From the very day I had Lisa and Nils in front of my camera for the first time. I just knew their wedding would blow me away!

It was important to them to celebrate this day as what it was: a celebration of their love, with family and friends present!

It was a truly relaxed day and Lisa and Nils were both so excited and calm at the same time. There was no sign of nervousness, just genuine joy and anticipation.

Lisa has such a love for details and I was stunned by her jewelry for example, which she had handmade especially for her and just the way she wanted it to be. And it truly fit her delicate and sweet personality!

Nils was wearing his grandfathers cufflinks, which was so beautiful, sentimental and full of meaning. I love that kind of appreciation for the little things!

Also the table decoration way beyond my wildest dreams. So many cute little details like tiny apples, different little flower arrangements, combined with big candles and a magnificent candlestick as the center piece of each table. Lisa had always dreamed of an autumn wedding and it could´t have been more stunning with leaves having turned red already and (as the stunner of the day) the sun making its appearance right when we went for our evening photoshoot!