Bildgefühl Workshop

with Hannah L. Lebendige Fotografie

Last weekend I drove up to Frankfurt – for two different reasons. One was that I wanted to celebrate a friends birthday with her and the other reason was that I attended one a „Bildgefühl“ workshop by Hannah from “Lebendige Fotografie”!
At the birthday we had a blast! We were almost all photographers and it was just so nice spending time with friends and enjoying each others company. Not to forget the amazing food!
We had clear intentions of going to bed early to be in good shape for the workshop the next day but it was just too nice to go back to the hotel early.
So workshop day was filled with coffee!

I had been waiting for this workshop for a while as I booked it a couple of months ago already. There are usually quite a lot of workshops that you can attend during winter, which is more or less „wedding off season“. I chose that workshop carefully as I had a clear idea of what I wanted to improve in my photography: Taking images intentionally with a clear focus on emotions and relationship. Hannahs workshop came just at the right time.
We spoke about us as individuals and translating ourselves into our photography (which, yes, was sort of similar to Nadia Melis „Signature Style System“ but still had a different twist).
The quote that has been stuck in my head ever since was this:
„It´s almost impossible to fail being yourself. It´s almost impossible to succeed being someone else.“

I don´t know who this quote is from and also wasn´t able to find it on the internet, but this just says it all and has nothing to do with wedding photographers per se but can be extended throughout all areas of life!
No one can be you better, than yourself!
We spoke about how to find out what we actually wanna SAY with our photography and also covered topics like flash setups, how to prepare clients and creative techniques.

Hannah had then also organized the setup of a candy bar by CALALLURE and a photoshoot with Daniel and Isabelle, a sweet sweet couple that was soooo in love and at some point soooo sooo cold! We shot outside and while Hannah explained her strategy and gave us tips we listened and then tried it out for ourselves.
About the candy bar: I was so impressed by what calallure did there! Daniel is a musician, so the theme of the candy bar was music! They then transferred the different music genres so it fit with the sweets offered. But see for yourself!

I really enjoyed that workshop, not only because of the nine people being there with me I knew six already (which was great fun) but also because I feel like I truly got so many important and valuable tips that I can not wait to implement in my business and my photography!
Thank you Hannah, for opening your heart and openly sharing your wisdom with us!